Medidrawer is the drawer for stocking medicines in prescription areas. It feature a lock In and lock Out position and flexible system of internal partitioning, with thin materials to leave more space for products. The same drawer mounts horizontal or inclined in any of the CAEM systems. Having one system for shopping and prescription area represent a strong advantage in terms of flexibility for the shop keeper.

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OTC Pullout Shelf
In order to ease the refilling procedure of OTC pharmacy products in the shopping area of pharmacies, CAEM offers OTC Pullout Shelf which includes vertical dividers and a gravity pusher system towards the acrylic front riser. The facing is always perfect and refilling is made so fast that repays quickly the investment compared to normal shelves.

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RX Drawer
RX Drawer is the drawer cabinet solution for stocking medicines in the prescription areas of pharmacies. The volume occupied is nearly 100% usable for product stock. The system is uniquely competitive thanks to new automated manufacturing technologies.

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CigaDrawer is developed for cigarettes and tobaccos displays. The shop assistant will lift the pack from underneath and with a finger. The packs slide down the tray to remain visible and available at all times. Refilling is made fast by pulling out the drawer.