CAEM is a company with a modern and dynamic management that is really engaged to maximize all its collaborators’ satisfaction.

The Magrini Family has always been an ethic example of laws and rules respect towards customers, suppliers and workers.

Vision Statement
The CAEM Shelving available in each country of the world and installed in every retail market sector.

Mission Statement
Our shop fitting allows the retail business to have effective environments for the appropriate shopping experience, fully adequate to the social and behavioral evolution of consumers’ demand.

Statement of Core Values
Quality, Service and Exceed of Expectations at Adequate Prices to maintain customers loyal to us.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
We have taken seriously the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification: we are constantly engaged for applying all the Quality System procedures and we always pay attention to find ways to improve our work. Tamara Marconi, our internal Qality Control Manager, is at your disposal for any further detail.

Download our certificate or verify it directly from the Sincert Official Website.

D&B Rating
D&B is the business information worldwide leader which provides high quality information in every Country of the world.

The D&B rating is a synthetic and predictive indicator of a company’s consistency and reliability
D&B è la società leader mondiale della business information che fornisce informazioni di qualità in ogni Paese nel mondo.
D&B has assigned CAEM-Magrini S.p.A the Rating 1 which certifies at a global level that the company awarded offers the maximum guarantees in terms of stability and reliability.