CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. has been founded in 1958 by Rito Magrini. After the first coil workings during the sixties, Caem has begun to grow with the introduction of modern and effective manufacturing and automation processes.

During the seventies, Nedo Magrini has joined the company and Caem has started introducing its modular shelving system which has affirmed its success. After building up sales and a network of satisfied customers across Europe, CAEM UK and Spain were incorporated to even improve customer service. During the nineties, while the Uk plant was expanding rapidly and starting a fully manufacturing and finish unit, further countries were supplied like Russia and the Middle East.

Markets and consumers have changed dramatically and CAEM toke the opportunity across y2k to differentiate its product offer: more sizes, more colours, more options, more displays, all available as standard off the CAEM catalogue. The result was a further penetration in the markets and a solid global CAEM of incredible value: product is designed to details and full of options and customer are followed very professionally: CAEM Australia was strengthened with a long term strategic plan.

The end of the first decade has brought a new transformation in the market, many buyers preach the ‘just enough’ theory and emerging markets do offer cheaper options instead of the highest quality western options. For CAEM this is a new challenge and a tremendous opportunity: CAEM India operation has started in 2006 and the manufacturing and design unit incorporated in 2008. New investments in key products are allocated for manufacturing in China: a newer option of cost savings is now available together with 25mm, imperial 1inch and 50mm compatible shelving systems.

CAEM METSYS corp, incorporated in 2010, is now building on the networking of global CAEM product developments for US demanding retailers.

Key facts:


CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. ,

Subbiano, Arezzo,

people 100

surface 12.000 mq

volume 10.000 ton of shelving per year

GPS: N 43°33’01.79’’ – E 11°51’08.96’’


se Talke, Stoke-On-Trent (UK)

people 50

surface 7.000 mq

GPS: N 53°04’18.07’’ – W 2°16’03.32’’



Perth (Australia)

surface 2500mq

GPS: S 32.11369 – E 115.79548



Nagpur (India)

surface 1500mq

GPS: N 21.1231 – E 79.0378



Chino Hills, California, USA

GPS: N 33°59’59’’ – W 117°46’20’’


DUBAI and GCC operations


GPS: N 25°19’12’’ – E 55°23’08’’